Identity & Credit Theft Is The Fastest Growing Crime In The World – How & Why To Protect Yourself From Risk.

Data breaches, phone scams, theft of social security numbers of children years before the child even gets to use the number and scanner theft of your credit cards are on the rise! 
These are the fastest growing crimes in the world today! Your identity and credit are in danger at all times.
We have researched the plans that are available to protect your identity and credit. Our due diligence has proven that LegalShield is the best plan at the best available price on the market. 
We all have either been a victim of identity theft or know someone who has been. It is costly and agonizing to those who have experienced identity theft. 
In an effort to help our clients, friends and family we have done our due diligence and found that LegalShield offers the best plan coverages at the best price. 
You can purchase the Prepaid Legal services which provide members with a will, a power of attorney and a living trust at no additional charge and a reduced fee for your spouse. Other services include consultation 24/7 for most legal issues including I.R.S. Audits, collection issues, motor vehicle violations and more.
The identity Theft Plan offers around the clock protection and monitoring of your identity and credit for most of your entire family living under your roof. If a violation occurs the service allows access to Kroll’s, a top 3 repair company which will work to restore your identity and credit regardless of how long it takes. There is no additional charge for their service, it is included in your monthly fee.
Both services can be purchased SEPERATELY or as a package.
Employers can also offer the plans as an employee benefit! The employer can opt to subsidize the benefit or the employee would pay the premium. Employees enjoy a reduced rate and your firm shows they are progressive and understand the benefit of offering this service to their employees.
To learn more about LegalShield you can go to our website and gain a better understanding of the benefits with our video presentations. Enrollment can be done online through the site, if you wish to purchase a plan. 
If you wish to enroll using a standard paper application we can always forward one to you and walk you through the process or set up an appointment.
Any questions you can e mail us as well. I can be reached at
Visit our website for LegalShield & Identity Theft Coverage Today!

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