We Offer Personal Lines Insurance! What Is Personal Lines Insurance You Ask?

Personal Lines Insurance Policies
The term personal lines insurance refers to insurance that is sold to individuals rather than groups or businesses. It most often refers to property and casualty insurance like auto, homeowners and renters insurance. Insurance intended for businesses is called commercial lines but if a personal auto is used in a business it may require commercial insurance. Commercial insurance may also be necessary for businesses that are operated from home.
Personal Lines Auto Insurance
In the United States, auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. Personal auto insurance covers cars used to commute to and from work, run personal errands or for any other personal use. If a personal auto is used to deliver pizzas it is not covered by personal lines insurance since delivering pizza is a business endeavor. Any vehicle used for business must have commercial insurance since personal lines policies exclude business use of the vehicle.
Personal Lines Homeowner’s Insurance
Homeowner’s insurance covers the home and its contents against most risks. The typical exclusions include nuclear accident, civil riot, acts of war and floods. Homeowner’s insurance includes liability coverage that protects the insured against damages or injuries to visitors on his property. Homeowner’s liability excludes damages that arise from a business use of the property. Home-based businesses need a separate commercial policy for complete coverage.
Personal Lines Renter’s Insurance
Renter’s insurance covers the personal property of the renter in an apartment or leased home. There is also liability coverage for injuries or property damage caused by the negligence of the renter. The policy provides no coverage for the building or for negligence by the landlord. Like homeowner’s insurance, any business use of the property is excluded and requires a separate commercial lines policy for insurance coverage.
Other Types of Personal Lines Insurance
Individuals who own boats, jet skis, snowmobiles and ATVs can buy personal lines policies which will cover damage to the items and provide liability coverage for injuries and damages caused by negligence during the operation of these recreational vehicles. If an individual purchased a boat or other recreational vehicle with a loan, the lender will probably require the individual to have insurance which protects the vehicle against accidental damage, vandalism and theft.
Costs of Personal Lines Insurance
As a rule, personal lines insurance is less expensive than commercial insurance. Quotes for different types of personal lines insurance are available online through insurance websites. Many websites offer multiple quotes on different personal lines insurance policies including auto and homeowners. By comparing quotes, individuals can find the lowest prices on the insurance they need to protect themselves and their families.
Whether for auto, home or personal property, individuals need personal lines insurance to protect them from the risks of everyday life. Compared to the cost of losing a home, the cost of insurance is small and the financial protection it provides is invaluable. While insurance cannot undo the damage caused by fires or natural disasters, it can provide money to help rebuild both homes and lives. 
If your interested in a personal lines insurance review or need a coverage for the first time we can help. You can visit our website at http://www.mjfinsurance.com or e mail me st mfusco@mjfinsurance.com to discuss. MJF is licensed in 9 states – NY NJ CT PA MD NC SC TX & FL

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