Hurricane Matthew Moves Toward Florida – Are You Fully Protected?

Hurricane Matthew is moving toward  Jacksonville, Florida. 1 million are being evacuated from South Carolina as well. 

The storm has the potential to cause severe damage to those in its path. We don’t yet know the direction it will take or the severity of the storm after landfall, we know one thing is certain, you should be preparing if your potentially in its path. In addition to securing your home, seasonal residence or commercial building and or business, you should make sure your valuable documents and insurance policies are in a safe and accessible place. If in the aftermath you need to file a claim, it’s best to know exactly where those policies and documents are. 

If your in a state that has not yet placed a moratorium on placing new business, then review your coverages and make sure you are fully protected and you understand your policy endorsements. Do you have a flood policy in place? The Flood Plan will insure your home and your business in the event of flood. If you do not have coverage I recommend you apply immediately. Is your wind deductible known, are you getting enough wind coverage under your existing policy provisions? If the answer is no, speak to your agent about excess wind coverage as well. There are carriers that offer excess wind coverage if you weren’t aware.

Above all, make sure your emergency preparedness kits and food and water supplies are ready. Move to to a safe location to stay out of harms way. Do not ignore evacuation orders and have a plan in case you get separated. 

Stay tuned to your local weather forecast and local news for further info and instructions on how to proceed.

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