As Fall Turns To Winter Our Thoughts Turn To Life Insurance

As we have almost completed another year, have you acted on taking care of your life insurance needs?

 Did you get married, did you have a child, are you planning to retire, are mortgage, education & final expense  covered in the case of an untimely loss of a wage earner? These are things to trigger your thoughts and need for life insurance.  Unfortunately, life’s daily activities most likely have caused you to put off seeking out a quote. Perhaps you went online but  it has been a confusing process and the multiple phone follow ups has you stressed.

We understand your frustration and overwhelming amounts of data provided can just delay the process of purchasing coverage. In fact a lot of my clients have been in your situation. What should you do? Your best option is to speak to an independent insurance broker. We can work with you to determine how much coverage you require, what exactly you are looking to protect, what is your goal and customize a plan to meet your budget. Of course ask all the questions about the coverage that come to mind. We want you to fully understand why you are adding the coverage and be comfortable with the purchase.

In most cases you will also find that the premiums are not as high as you anticipated and the process not as stressful as it seems. Your loved ones will be benefactors of your love. Let’s not forget about the living benefits that are available including using the plan for nursing home care or terminal illness. Some policies even offer opt out at certain policy years if your needs change and you wish to cancel the policy for a refund of premium. Another great benefit is life insurance allows you to choose the full pension benefit for you to live on and buy life insurance to cover future income needs. As long as you are incurable you will find that the cost of lost income to leave a portion of your income to your spouse, if you predecease your spouse, will be more expensive than the life insurance premium. If your spouse predeceases you, the pension keeps the funds allocated for your surviving spouse and your still living on the reduced benefit. So it’s very wise to look into life insurance prior to establishing your retirement options.

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Before the holidays kick in and the calendar says 2017, take that first step and contact an agent today!

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