Does Your Hair Establishment Insurance Cover You Properly?

MJF specializes in insuring the hair industry professionals!
Here are some important details you should know about the coverages recommended and needed for your business.

Barbers and Beauticians Professional Liability – Part 1

Hair and beauty salons offer a wide range of services. Traditionally, they have included hair styling, hair dressing, arching eyebrows, applying cosmetics, permanent waving, shampooing, tweezing, facials, trimming, tinting, plucking, bleaching and dyeing, manicures, hair tinting, waxing or applying depilatories, and pedicures. Currently, salons offer an even wider array of services that cross into the realm of medical and even surgical procedures. Current operations may involve tasks such as:

Botox, injection
, Liposuction, 
Laser Treatments. 
These services are accompanied by an equally wide variety of risks. Serving customers may result in losses such as scalp injuries, severe damage to hair, burns, cuts, spinal or joint injuries, and scarring. None of these losses are covered by a general liability policy. It is critical to acquire the protection of a barbers and beauticians (or cosmetologists) professional liability policy.

Many traditional services are covered under professional liability policies. However, such policies are not standardized. Therefore protection may be significantly different among different insurers. A particular company’s application and policy forms should be carefully read in order to determine what services are covered.

Cosmetologists are required to carry a state license and a minimum amount of training and experience in order to perform their jobs. Barbers and Beautician Professional liability policies require that all insured persons maintain a valid license or certification. Typical coverage includes injuries to persons or to property that is related to the applicable beauty or barbershop operation. There is also coverage for harm connected to application of preparations that are bought at a shop or salon and then are used at customers’ homes. Coverage does NOT apply to preparations made BY the insured.

Part 2

In part 1, we discussed the type of situations that are protected by a Barbers and Beauticians professional liability form. It is just as important to be aware of limitations. Generally, available policies don’t protect against losses involving the following:
· Use of procedures and use of preparations that are illegal

· Injury related to a professional service performed by a minor or by an unlicensed operator

· Combustion, burning or explosion of articles or products of a flammable nature

· Use of any appliance, apparatus or device employing x-ray, electrical rays, radio rays, radio waves, or electronic waves

· Ear piercing, electrolysis, slenderizing, reducing, body massage, or bath treatment

· Face lifting, plastic surgery

· Use of any electrical or mechanical apparatus or device for massage

· Chiropody (treatment of minor foot ailments), podiatry and/or any procedure involving the cutting of growths

· Use of any method or type of tanning service

· Service involving the breaking, piercing, cutting, lacerating, or suturing of the skin

· Microdermabrasion

· Hair implants or transplants

· Illegal or dishonest acts

Products Hazard Exclusions – Barbers and Beauticians professional liability policies typically make separate reference to exclusions involving risks of beauty products. Policies don’t respond to losses from:
· Goods or products manufactured by, bottled by, rebottled by, or repackaged by the insured

· Goods or products sold under the insured’s label

· Withdrawal, inspection, repair, replacement, or loss of use of products manufactured by, bottled by, rebottled by, repacked by, or sold under the insured’s label or that of an affiliate owned or controlled by the insured.

However, coverage for some services may be added for additional charges.
An insurance professional is the person to talk to when you want to make sure that making the public more beautiful doesn’t include the chance of ugly, uninsured losses.

 These are all important and legitimate concerns for the hair professional. Our responsibility at MJF is to rote the you from these exposures. If you or your shop do not carry professional liability, you are at risk.

We offer a general liability policy for your shop that includes your professional liability. The premiums are very affordable and coverage is extensive. If you would like a quote from us, visit our website at or e mail me at

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