5 Reasons To Invest In Silver & Gold Bullion & Coins

Fusco Insurance now offers Gold and Silver Bullion & Coins. WE do not carry the inventory but it is shipped directly from inventory to the provider directly. All purchases come with a guaranteed repurchase program. If you decide to sell the company will buy back the bullion and coins at the prevailing market price of the physical metals. You get to work with a personal advisor when you work with Fusco Insurance.


Five Good Reasons To Invest In Physical Gold & Silver Now!

Federal Reserve is likely to start tapering

Comments from Chairman Bernanke, as well as other members of the Federal Reserve, strongly suggest that September will be the month when the long-anticipated tapering will begin. Up until now, the market has been jittery. Once the announcement is made, either in September, or later this year, gold and silver prices will have the impetus to break out of their current range and head much higher.


Political unrest is far from over

Precious metals are still the place investors turn to when there is war and political uncertainty in the world. Whether you are talking about Egypt, Syria, Iran or North Korea, there is always great potential for a big event that will send gold prices soaring.


Stock market is due for a correction

If you have not noticed, the stock market has been on a more than four year bullish run since it hit its lows in March of 2009. There are signs that the economy is still struggling, and when the market sells off, that is good for anyone who holds gold and silver.


Higher interest rates can lead to inflation

You do not have to be an economics major to realize that when interest rates go up, that will lead to inflation and higher prices for everything we buy. Silver and God offer protection against inflation risk. Already, the 10 year Treasuries are up to almost 3 percent and mortgage rates are approaching 5 percent. Inflation, like a bad tooth, will be back.


Long-term trend of gold and silver is up

If you are willing to buy and hold for the long-term, it is hard to imagine a scenario where you will not be well rewarded in the future. The trend, which started about 10 years ago, is up. Use the slight blip this year to accumulate more gold and silver at a low entry point.

We also offer these bullion and coins for you Precious Metal I.R.A.’s, offer a monthly silver purchase plan opportunity, can ship to most storage facilities direct if you have an account. Its a great insurance policy against a falling stock market and other paper assets you may own as a part of your defensive portfolio. Typically it is recommended that you hold 5 – 10% of your investments in Gold and Silver. You can also use your Required Minimum Distribution to purchase your metals as well as a few other options.

Contact us for all your Gold and Silver Bullion and Coins purchases.

(866) 983 – 8726 or by e mail fuscoinsuranceny@gmail.com


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