Looks Like A Good Time To Be Investing In Precious Metals 

With all the uncertainty about the world economy, now is a good time to hedge your currency and assets with gold and silver coins and bullion. We are a Trusted Advisor for Royal Metals Group. Offering Silver & Gold Bullion Coins and Bars. Orders can be shipped directly for Royal Metals Group to anywhere in the country. All purchases come with the guaranty of repurchase at the current market price of your investment by Royal Metals Group. Fusco Insurance is your personal representative! We will help guide you through the process step by step.  Prices are subject to the current spot price and subject to change accordingly.

Ask about our monthly purchase program. You can set up a monthly purchase order for as little as $25 a month for a period of 1 year. Visit our website to contact us.


E mail us at mfusco@fuscoinsuranceny.com or call for more information and prices at (866) 983-8726

About FuscoInsuranceAgency

Independent Insurance Broker - Personal & Business Insurance, Life, Health, Retirement, Benefits, Bonds Gold & Silver Bullion & Coins Advisor / Sales President of Fusco Insurance Agency, Inc. Providing Solutions For Your Insurance & Retirement Needs! Licensed in NY NJ CT PA MD NC SC TX & FL fuscoinsuranceny.com E Mail: mfusco@fuscoinsuranceny.com Toll Free: (866) 983-8726 Fax (866) 299 - 7990
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