Prestige Tax Group, Inc. For Tax Preparation and Planning in New York

Proactive planning is the key to your financial success!

At Prestige Tax Group we Plan forward, not backward.

Prestige Tax has an extensive network professionals including our cpas, lawyers and estate planners. We believe in providing the Optimum Outcome with proper planning going forward.

Our goal is to achieve lowest tax outcome –

Taking your most recent tax return and showing you how you can plan going forward to reach you Optimum Outcome. We want to give you a bigger smile when filing taxes and keep you smiling year in and year out.

Prestige Tax wants you to be happier with income tax situation by

reducing the unnecessary taxes your paying.

We offer a no obligation assessment of your current tax return.

Ask about our mortgage solution that helps you reduce years off your mortgage without increasing your current mortgage payment.

For business clients we offer



Human Resource Administration

HSA Plans

Retirement Plan Administration

Corporate Tax Filing / Personal Tax Return Included

Estate Planning

Contact us at (718) 313-1913

Prestige Tax Group, Inc Website

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