Avoid These Bad Driving Habits

Driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility, and unfortunately – thousands of people are killed each year from a distracted driving incident. Be sure to practice safe driving by dropping these bad and dangerous habits! http://bit.ly/2kfILyu

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Merry Christmas from our family to all our friends and followers!

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How To Make Your Finances in 2018 Better Than 2017

We ask the question how do you make your finances in 2018 better than 2017?

Review your finances which includes your insurance policies.

1) Cut the unnecessary items in your budget that are providing the smallest return for the cost.

2) Compare your insurance policies to ensure your properly covered and paying the best available premium.

Address the needs and wants now that you have identified areas of potential savings and potential reallocation to better suited expenses.

You can now use the savings to purchase additional protection you have been putting off:

1) if you don’t already have one then a personal umbrella policy to reduce exposure to potential loss of your property and wages due to law suits.

2) Disability Insurance to protect the primary wage earners income in the event of an injury or illness.

3) Life Insurance to provide income and funding to maintain your lifestyle and. Enough to fund your children’s education, afford help if you need childcare so you can gain employment, maintain your current home.Life Insurance also has riders for living benefits such as long term care, terminal illness and emergency funds for those illnesses. Ask about a disability waiver as well to pay the premiums if you become disabled.

4} iSavings could be used to fund your IRA or increase you current contributions to your existing plan.

Rollover your IRA or retirement plan from your old employer. This will most likely give you more direction and control of your plan funds and a better return on your savings.

5) if your getting ready to retire rolling over your current plan may make a lot of sense. Gain flexibility on withdrawals as to how much and how often you withdraw instead of being dictated to. Most company plans require you to continue receiving your income stream until the plan has depleted. A rollover could provide more income and choice of when and how much and how long you want to receive your payments over your lifetime. Be sure to consider adding,a lifetime income benefit rider. This pays you even if you outlive your funds value for a small fee.

6) Always a great option is applying a little extra to paying down credit card debt or your mortgage would also be beneficial financially as well.

These are just a few thoughts I wanted to put down. I know they are not earth shattering or groundbreaking but getting your finances and insurance coverages in order are a precursor to living a stress free life. With the new year coming it’s a perfect time to sit down and revisit these concerns.

Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!






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3 Early Advantage’s of Life Insurance

The life insurance industry is changing for the better. You no longer only receive a benefit if you die. Today’s policy include living benefits to help you with cash value growth & funds toward health care related expenses. Additional benefits can work for business owners as well. A full description of those benefits are covered in this post too.

Ability to access your cash value

Many life insurance policies offer potential cash-value growth that may be tax-deferred and can benefit from asset protection. With such a policy, the cash value is intended to be accessed tax-free, without impacting your tax bracket or creating tax exposure. It can be used for any financial needs that may arise for you or your family, such as a child’s college tuition or supplemental income in retirement.

Based on the type of life insurance policy you choose, you may also have a couple of options for taking out a loan on your policy. For example, with indexed universal life insurance,1 participating loans are structured so all of the money you borrow from your policy’s indexed account value continues to work for you. That means all of your policy value—borrowed and unborrowed—continues to have indexed growth potential, as if it were never taken out. Your earned interest crediting rate may offset or exceed the annual interest rate charged, but the crediting rate is not guaranteed.

Flexibility for late-in-life expenses

If you’ve witnessed a loved one experiencing a health issue late in life, you may already be familiar with the emotional toll it can take on a family—not to mention on a family’s finances. Longevity is on the rise and, without adequate protection, health-related expenses can result in drawing down retirement savings at rates two to three times faster than planned. Half of all individuals turning 65 today will need the coverage of an additional care plan during their lifetime.


A rider on your life insurance policy can help safeguard your retirement savings if you encounter unexpected medical expenses. Added benefits can help make it possible for you to live comfortably at home with the care you need, without financially compromising your beneficiaries. Additionally, you’ll have access to the cash value for other health-related expenses and won’t risk losing your policy. Note, some riders are included in a policy while others are available for an additional cost and are subject to availability and restrictions.

Additional business protection

If you’re a business owner, life insurance can play a role in preserving what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It can help provide the capital needed to avoid selling a business if a partner retires, or to keep things going after the loss of a key employee. And, with proper planning, it can assist your loved ones in retaining control of your investment after your death by helping them to purchase your stock and receive proper compensation or equity. Life insurance policies can also provide tax advantages in a variety of business contexts, such as employee benefits or owner disability. Every business is uniquely complex, and your financial advisor can help leverage life insurance to help protect yours.

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The Story Of Thanksgiving

For our history buffs and those just looking for a good read about Thanksgiving.

The Story Of Thanksgiving

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Does My Business Need A Cyber Liability Policy?

1. Does your business retain physical or electronic records of employees or other third parties with any of the following?

Social security numbers

Drivers’ license information

Tax identification numbers

Birth dates

Medical/health records

Court records

Police records

Banking information (checking/savings accounts)

Email addresses or home addresses


If you checked any of the above, your organization is in control of “Personally Identifiable Information,” and therefore, required to protect that data subject to State and Federal privacy and data breach notification laws.

2. Does your business have employees? Yes/No


Most data breaches involve an employee mistake. They can lose a mobile device, laptop or paper records, or make costly errors such as opening an unauthorized email containing malware. In addition, they can even intentionally steal data.

3. Does your business have an active website? Yes/No


Material posted electronically, or in written format, may lead to copyright or trademark infringement, or defamation litigation. If the website is transactional, additional exposures include possible hacking or disruption of your business via denial of service attacks.

4. Does your business use third-party vendors (e.g., cloud, IT services)? Yes/No


Businesses in possession of personally identifiable information may be held liable for privacy breaches caused by their vendors or other third parties. As the owner of the data, your business is ultimately responsible for protecting it.

5. Does your business use mobile technology (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops)? Yes/No


Loss of mobile devices and the electronic content contained therein is one of the leading causes of data breaches today.

6. Does your business accept credit card payments, other electronic payments or have online bill pay? Yes/No


Over 25% of all data stolen is credit card and other payment information.2 This is a category of data that is highly desired by criminals for resale on the black market.

7. Does your business allow employees to use personal devices to connect to your network? Yes/No


Personal devices may not have the same security software and other connectivity procedures as company-provided devices. As a result, when these personal devices are connected to your network, there may be a higher exposure to virus or malware threats.

8. Does your business train employees on proper email use and other privacy issues? Yes/No


Employee negligence and/or errors are one of the top three contributors of lost/stolen data.

It only takes one of these to warrant the need for

Cyber Liability/Data Breach coverage!

Contact us and get protected against a cyber liability / data breach today!

Premiums are very affordable and underwritten by top rated carriers.

go to insuredbyfusco.com or e mail us at mfusco@fuscoinsuranceny.com

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Leave A Legacy For Your Spouse, Children & Others Dear To Your Heart Or A Cause You Support

If you are someone who would like to leave a legacy you probably don’t know where to start your path to fulfilling that goal. There is a simple solution to helping you achieve leaving that legacy long after your time on earth. The answer is life insurance. A life insurance policy death benefit can go a long way to making it a reality. Life insurance can change peoples lives and those in communities as well.

First type of legacy should take care of your family, family first and foremost. Life Insurance protects your family financially from the unexpected loss of your income. It can pay off the family home, create an education fund, clear up debt, allow your spouse to stay home and raise your children or find someone to help out at home. There are many great reasons to create a legacy for your family’s future.

Perhaps you don’t have children or would like to help out a loved one. You can provide funds for a niece or nephew for school, supplement income buy a home, pay off their mortgage just to name a few reasons you might want to provide a legacy for them. Naming them beneficiaries is a heartfelt gesture and surely one never to be forgotten. Of course a conversation should take place with your sibling to give them a heads up and allow them to factor it into the financial future of the children.

How would you like to help out your favorite charity or cause? Life insurance can easily provide a nice donation to your organization of choice. Typically when you do this you would set up a trust and name the trust beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Make sure it has specific instructions in the trust to give a certain amount of your estate to the charity. Great way to advocate for what you believe in.

Set up a College or High School Scholarship in your name, perhaps at your alma mater. Each school has their own set of rules and guidelines for establishing scholarships. You should inquire before setting one up. A college scholarship usually requires $25,000or more in order to endow one at a university. Typically they issue scholarships in the amount of $1,000 annually. Typically you would need to set up a trust or foundation. An estate attorney can set up a 501(C)(3) charity, foundation or trust.

These are just a few ideas as to the good a legacy can provide. There are a lot more opportunities to provide for others. The great part is that you can fund these with life insurance for a fraction of its actual face value. If you don’t have a large savings account or wish to reduce your actual cost of funding the premiums are usually more cost effective and don’t reduce your estate by the full amount you wish to leave as well.

Contact your insurance broker to discuss the possibilities!

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